Ascending to the 5th Dimension
By Anna


To become a fifth dimensional being you have to increase your awareness and to live life from your Heart Chakra and Soul Essence. Our True Self knows what it came to do in this lifetime.

A spiritual shift is taking place within us. Most people are aware of this shift within us. Below you can read a few things you may have noticed about yourself shifting towards the 5th Dimension.

Currently we live in the 3D world, and when moving to the 5th dimension, we have to detach ourselves from all the physical. All the physical things we have around us are just temporary. Our body is just a means of enabling us to live on this planet. Spiritual connection and spiritual growth are what is important at this time.

To heighten your vibrations, you should no longer be blaming others for the things that are going wrong in your live. You need to realise and accept that we are 100% responsible for everything that is happening within your live. There is no one else to blame. You shouldn’t spend energy on blaming others.

You may also be realising that you are detaching yourself from the masses. You may be removing yourself from clubs or teams you are in, giving up politics or spend less time on your electronic devices on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. All these things are keeping us attached to the 3D world and are temporary. We are Spiritual Beings and we need to be going within ourselves to connect to our Higher Self, to find our True Self.

Eating habits may have changed. Your desire for sugary foods or processed food may no longer be there. You may have become vegetarian or follow e.g. a Keto diet. Your body is asking for healthy foods to keep itself going. Your mind may not be focussed on eating any longer and you may have no interest in snacking or eating large meals anymore. Remember that our bodies are only a means of enabling us to live on this planet; we ARE our Soul, not our body. During the time we have left here in the 3rd dimension, we need to look after our body with care and love.

You may lose all desire to fit in. You may find that you are questioning everything. You are not following the crowd, but you are letting go of all pretence, people’s expectations, and you start to feel more like yourself. You are just being you, and you let everyone else be themselves.

Also keep in mind that you are creating your own power. You are creating with your own thoughts, words and behaviour. You need to be very careful and precise in how you word yourselves, what thoughts you send out and how you behave, as you will attract negativity if you are allowing yourself to speak, think and behave that way. Everything that is happening in your live, is resulting through your vibrational energies. Humans are powerful creators. We ARE the source of our creation.

You may experience a deep realisation that you are infinite, that you ARE Love, unconditional Love, that you are immortal. Your consciousness, your Soul will move on.

Love is all there is Let there be love