As above in the skies so it is below on planet Earth
September 2020
By MVA Team

Astrology is a both a science and art, capable of predicting events and revealing information about ourselves on a personal level.

The Vedic, Babylonians and Egyptians are an example of some of the ancient civilisations that would study the skies to understand planetary movements, as well as the earth, sun and moon. Identifying and tracking the heavenly skies would serve as the foundation for everything from rites and rituals through to agriculture and the weather. Wars and plagues could be predicted, as even countries and lands had an astrological chart. What makes astrology one of the fastest growing topics particularly in the Western Hemisphere is how accurate it can be, not just the zodiac signs and daily horoscopes but actually how predictive astrology can be on national and global events.

Never has there been a more critical time than now, as we move through 2020, witnessing an unprecedented pandemic on a scale that no one has seen before, forcing billions of people into lockdown. We have also seen the rise of protests and riots, signified by the energy of Mars – the red planet of war and anger, opposing Saturn – the planet of order and control. We see people becoming increasingly willing to defend their rights, be heard and take action or react, against the Saturnian energy of keeping societal structures as they have always been, and protecting the old ways.

The planetary movements in 2020 have been particularly rare, combined with the unusual set of six eclipses which trigger events often months after they take place. As we currently stand in September 2020 we have a total of six planets going retrograde, and becoming stationed in their own sign, giving them the maximum power and energy as they are in their own houses. Make no mistake these are unprecedented times, and the events that will unfold can be seen by what is happening in the skies. As the planets oppose each other and start a war above, the effects are felt for humanity on Earth where clashes, protests, violence and aggression have all been part of our reality and will set to continue for the rest of the year.

One important point to mention is that whilst astrology can predict up to 75% of what is destined or fated, humanity has free will to determine its final outcome. We have the 25% or thereabouts to determine our own outcome, both individually and collectively. That is why no astrologer can predict every single event in your life or even the world, because we have the power to change things. This gives us hope. With the awareness and knowledge that astrology can give us, we have can make a decision using our intuition and what resonates within our heart chakra. It can be hard especially now to tune out all of the fear and negativity that surrounds us at this time, when things are out of balance, however this is the time of our greatest awakening. As we know, the most precious diamonds are only formed under immense pressure. Our greatest accomplishment as a human race will be under such times, as we make the choice to divide or come together and awaken fully to change the course of human destiny.

November 2020
By MVA Team

November 2020 begins with a Super Full Moon in Scorpio, after what has been an unprecedented year so far. The month starts off with a blue moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, which brings with it unpredictability and impulsiveness. Those in the U.K. would know on the eve of 31st October a second national lockdown was announced. The full moon and it’s effects last for two weeks, and this one can bring about uncertainty, making it volatile. We can expect to see changes globally, as the Jupiter Pluto conjunction will also reveal more truths for humanity.

Mercury will become visible on the 3rd November and square Saturn, which can result in suppression of speech, communication, electronic communication such as social media. Saturn rules authority and governments so there may be a clash here with people wanting to be heard and to share their voice vs the laws and actions that are being put into place. Expect powerful messages and truths being shared, but don’t be surprised if they get suppressed.  The major planets are still forming a square in the sky, and we will continue to feel the tensions as the U.K. enters another national lockdown, following suit as other countries have done the same. 

Mars will be stationary for a period of three days from 12-15 November before going direct. This transition period can be very critical so be aware during this time. Mars will also oppose Venus in Virgo which may cause extreme emotions and reactions. Balancing your emotions will be key this month, avoiding unnecessary confrontation and staying diplomatic.

We end the month with a lunar eclipse on the 30th November. Eclipse effects can be immediate and for up to three months and ten days after the event takes place. Unusually we have 6 eclipses this year, the fifth one taking place this month. What is interesting about this eclipse is that it is happening on the axis of wealth, and we can expect it to have an impact on the wealth of Europe and the United States where it will be visible. There is the possibility this eclipse could worsen poverty and disease, due to the particularly difficult way it it is appearing and the timing of the eclipse. The effects will be on the people and not necessarily damaging to those in power. Saturn also squares Uranus, resulting in volatile financial markets, the last time this square happened was in 2008.

Whilst this may be a challenging month for all of us, it gives us the opportunity to let go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. It’s also a time to heal, resolve conflicts and facing some of the illusions we’ve been holding onto.

December 2020
By MVA Team

It’s been a year like no other, and this month looks set to continue more of the unpredictability and uncertainty as we close out 2020. There’s a major solar eclipse on the new moon on 14 December, followed by the biggest astrological event of the year – the Grand Jupiter – Saturn conjunction on the 21 December, timing it exactly with the winter solstice. Both planets will form a tight conjunction in the sign of Capricorn, so close in fact that the two planets will appear as one star in the sky. Capricorn is the sign of the goat and is ruled by Saturn. Vedic and sidereal astrology notes that Jupiter, which represents truth, justice, and our teacher is debilitated in Saturn. Although this debilitation is cancelled if Saturn is in its own sign such as Capricorn. The conjunction will last for one year, ending in December 2021. Those that were born between 1960-1961 will be directly impacted by this conjunction as it transits over their natal birth chart. Those born during this time are highly clairvoyant due to this placement in the chart.  
The year has been a time of great awakening for humanity, with more than ever questioning the narrative given by those in power. Even those with no spiritual inclination or practice have found themselves waking up out of the slumber and forming their own opinions and truths about our reality. It has also led to a lack of faith and mistrust of governments and politicians across the world. 
The grand conjunction will further trigger an awakening, as events will be expected to follow. Whether that means more of humanity waking up, people forming a revolution, or even the rebirth of a messiah or prophets being born (a tight conjunction similar to when Jesus Christ was born) – the effects will have a huge significance for 2021. It will have a long-lasting effect as those who wish to awaken fully in their spiritual selves will be in direct opposition to those that want to lead humanity towards darkness and negativity. This will be the prophecy of the great battle between light vs dark that has been written and predicted for many years. 
Emotionally and mentally it may feel like a rollercoaster due to the new moon eclipse on the 14 December, physically you may feel a little worn out. Self-care and spiritual practice are important at this time.

January & February 2021
By MVA Team

I’m sure everyone is glad to see the back of 2020, a year like no other and one that we could not have predicted this time last year. We had a total of six major eclipses, a long period of kaal sarpa yoga and volatile planets in the skies. We also had the major Saturn Jupiter conjunction on the winter solstice in December 2020. The last time there was this great conjunction was back in 1962 which was a time of great change and revolution. The effects of the one just passed will impact our society for twenty years more. 

The theme for January and February 2021 and for the rest of year looks set to continue with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, still close in the sky in the sign of Capricorn. This will have activated areas in lives both personally but also globally as we see the increased restrictions and limitations imposed by Saturn and the governments. The Saturn energy will be intense for the whole year. This will be further enhanced by another period of kaal sarpa on the 10th January until 28 March. This will effectively lead to a further tightening of control and even more restrictions. The UK alone will be locked down for quite possibly the entire duration of the kaal sarpa period. This particular time can cause destabilisation particularly in the mind, so we should take care to not react and to keep a calm and balanced mind. 

Saturn particularly and also in Capricorn can signal more oppression and more restrictions than we have seen before. There is also the possibility for countries to increasingly put their borders up, literally speaking and we have seen this particularly in the UK with the reaction to the new variant of the virus. There will be less support possibly from those internationally. 

Saturn is also going to be invisible from the first week of January on the 6th, and the ancient astrologers said when this happens Saturn takes something with him, and in this case we may possibly see the elderly population heavily affected by what is currently going on globally. Just this week we saw the unexpected events in the US that shocked the world as Saturn squares Uranus. We also effectively the ending of the US presidency as the current president will transfer power in the next two weeks. 

This will lead to a very important astrological event in February where from February 13th onwards, there will be a conjunction as 6 planets come together in Capricorn, locked into the rahu / ketu axis. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. We can expect more clashes, censorship and more restrictions passed as law, however this will provoke another extreme by those that do not want to be restricted anymore so there will be a crisis of social unrest as people seek freedom. There is also the possibility of an attack on communication devices, the internet or any communication systems. 

It looks set to be a difficult and volatile period for the start of 2021. These next few months will be the time for humanity to decide in which direction it chooses to go, the consequences of which will change the course of the next 20 years in history. The important thing will be to keep a calm and stable mind. The planetary energies and the moon will greatly affect people’s minds, the lack of support when Jupiter turns invisible could indicate people being less tolerant and compassionate than before. There will be many provocations, so it will be important to focus on your health, wellbeing, staying calm and balanced during this two month period. 

March 2021
By MVA Team

After what has been a heavy start to the year, March will show some signs of easing up as Mars breaks the Kal Sarpa at the end of the month. Mars will join Rahu in Taurus in the last week of February itself with the actual conjunction on 27-28 March. When it moves past Rahu the grip that Rahu/Ketu have kept all of the planets in will finally break. This coincides with the slight lifting in restrictions in the UK lockdown on or around 29 March. We have been in Kal Sarpa since the final weeks of December. As we saw one year previously, the global lockdown coincided with the dates of Kal Sarpa. 

February’s 7 planet conjunction in Capricorn was like no other, with the continued imposition of restrictions on freedoms and more regulations coming into effect. This will be felt to a lesser degree as the Sun moves into Aquarius as does Venus. However Aquarius is still ruled by Saturn so we should take this into account. Jupiter was previously invisible and now becomes visible again, and we will be able to feel this energy in the form of justice, truth and higher wisdom coming forth. It is said that Venus can have an effect on financial markets, especially as it moves very closely to the Sun where it becomes combust. This could have an impact on national and global markets. However as Venus is out of Capricorn there will start to be some sort of order and balanced being restored. This may be much more on a personal level however compared to the previous months there will be more of a focus on our inner values, truths, balance and harmony.

We need to keep in mind that Mars and Rahu together at the end of March especially on 27/28 March although they will be in the same sign until 13 April could lead to some unexpected events, riots and backlash. Since this coincides with the breaking of Kal Sarpa, energies could be volatile and explosive with fiery energy. The Rahu combination may also lead to people making rash or impulsive decisions that are aggravated by the planetary positions in the sky and with the new freedom or possibly restrictions that people are facing. It will be a time to be aware of what is taking place however come April things will have improved immensely as planets regain their positions and become more favourable.