There are seven spiritual bodies within our aura and when we are feeling unwell, then there may be disharmony within our aura that makes us feel unsettled.

This may cause the start of dis-ease within our bodies before it is shown in our physical. If we look after our spiritual energy bodies first, then our suits (our physical bodies) may stay in harmony much longer.

As humans, we need to take charge, take responsibility of our spiritual bodies and soul, including our 7 chakras.

The chakras are energy vortexes within our body; our base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and our crown chakra. We need to take responsibility for these and need to keep them balanced and cleansed.

So, as humans we need to maintain our spiritual bodies in order for our physical bodies to stay in harmony. This simple grounding exercise twice a day will help you to this. It is free to download and there is also a written copy.

Try the exercise in the morning and in the evening. Your feedback is welcome after you have introduced this exercise into your life on a regular basis.

Please email MVA with any feedback if you have used this exercise in the morning and evening for at least a month.

By using this exercise, it will help you take responsibility for your wellbeing, and as your vibration raises, disharmony may nor enter the body, with the result of being in balance at all times.