Peer pressure from our community puts a heavy burden on us to behave in a certain way. Some people feel they are to look or act or speak in a certain way, otherwise they will not be accepted at school, at work and at home. Many that try and exercise their authority expect us to shut up or put up.

So it is no wonder, that many suffer from low self-esteem, anxiousness and fear, as so much is expected of us and we can never be our true selves. Since March 2020, everything has just gone so quickly, and so many freedoms of choice have been taken away from us.

Many of us whom have never suffered from anxiety and fear are now very fearful and anxious about all outcomes. It is a time to go deep with in, and go to the quiet stillness within ourselves, and allow ourselves to know our true selves.

Anxiety and fearfulness will ease as we take time for self and take responsibility for self. Having this quite time with self will enable our minds and bodies to feel calm and this will enable disharmony and fear to leave our bodies.

It will allow us to come into wellbeing. And when we are well, our vibration will be raised. If our vibration is raised, then there will be no disharmony within our aura, so our bodies, spiritual and physical, will be in balance and harmony. When you start to subscribe, there will be many meditations to follow by Zarina and her students.