With the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests, there has been a unification of people towards the goal of achieving justice of black people. However, with these protests has come extreme violence from both the police force and the rioters. The majority of the protesters come in peace and want to make their viewpoint clear. Many people, however, have exploited the situation and looted the stores of many business owners, some of which are also black or support ‘Black Lives Matter’. Many protesters and police officers have been wounded and some have died during these protests, due to the police’s gross incompetence when dealing with peaceful protests as well as the violent rioters attacking police. Unfortunately it seems that this has achieved a division rather than a unification between people. In my opinion it may have been better to have called it “all lives matter”, as that would have included all humans as all humans are equally important.


There are also may protests going on all over the world about ‘the awakening’. People are starting to voice their truths. Every one’s truths may differ, but it is important that we, humans, respect each other’s viewpoints, even if we disagree. It is important, that if we chose to protest, we do so out of love and in peace. It is great to see so many people voicing themselves, but it may be wise to respect the social distancing ‘rules’ to do so, as unfortunately that is part of the time we live in in the now. Now is the time in which we come together as one.