Native Indian Spirit card reading for Planet Earth, November 2020
Read by Anna

Spirit Keeper of the North – The Spirit Keeper of the North continues to have a tight grip on us in November. Its negative energy is felt by many. November is a dark month. Many countries are battling a second outbreak of CV19. Globally, lock down measures are having an impact of the physical and mental health of humans. The Spirit Keeper of the North is making men weak. It is causing many divisions between humans. The Spirit keeper of the North likes to cause chaos, so it can control.

Song of the Wild –Do not let the Spirit Keeper of the North have an impact on you. Listen to the Song of the Wild. The Song of the Wild will give you a boost of energy, joy. Listen to the song of the wind, the song of the birds, the song of the rain. It is Mother Earth speaking to you. When you feel low, listen to the Song of the Wild, and your spirits will be uplifted.

Peace Pipe – The divisions caused by the influence of the Spirit Keeper of the North is taking its toll on people. For the good of Planet Earth and for us humans, we need to take a step back, relax, find the truth within ourselves. The peace pipe teaches us that all lives are important, every single one, and that together we can create the most beautiful world and live in peace.

Prayer Feather – The Prayer Feather is telling us we need to spend more time within ourselves, deep within, to meditate. The quiet place within us holds many answers to the questions we may have. It gives us a clear vision of our inner truth. The prayer feather and your visualisations of life are taken by the wind, carried away, enabling its manifestation.

Ancestors – Become aware and listen to your ancestors. They have the key for your answers also. When in meditation, your ancestors are willing to give you the necessary information for you to have at that moment in time. Information that may enrich your life. Help when you are standing at crossroads in your life and you don’t know which path to take. Ask your ancestors. They will answer your call.

Warriors of the heart – We are the Warriors of the Heart. We, living men and women, are meant to love and be loved, to live from the heart. Let us look around us in these dark times and live from our hearts. Be kind to people when they come on our path, help those in need. Together we can make the world a much better place. Let us all truly be the Warriors of the Heart.

Answering the Call – Go deep within yourself and ask yourself if you are truly happy with what you are doing. In these dark times it is important we do those things that makes us happy. If it means you would like to switch job or do another study? Listen you yourself and give yourself that opportunity. Happy people make healthy people. It makes us want to move forward what we have been given and creates the opportunity to create a better life and environment.

Owl medicine – Especially in this time we need Owl Medicine to keep us strong and healthy. We need to go within and feel what it is our short comings are. Maybe your body needs more vitamin C? Maybe you need to spend more time on Self? Maybe you need a listening ear? Find out what it is you need and give that to yourself. You are in need of it. You are worth it.

Medicine Bag – Lots of medicines are needed in this dark time. Be there for others. Can you help someone? Be it with a shop for an elderly person or a listening ear. Send love to others. Send love to Mother Earth. She also is in great need of healing. If you are a Reiki practitioner, it is now time to send healing to Mother Earth and also to all humanity on this planet. We need to come as ONE to shift ourselves out of this current situation.

Atlantis card reading for Planet Earth, November 2020
Read by Anna


Education – Now is the time to start Educating ourselves. At this time, it is very important to ground yourself; to keep your Chakra’s pure, balanced and aligned, so you’re standing steady with your feet on the ground, so you’re strong within your power, so you can be focussed on what lies ahead of you, so your immune system is continuously high as well as your vibration. Especially in this time where there is so much negativity around us, it is always important to be grounded. This is also the time to go deep within yourself to meditate. Educate yourself via meditation.

Your guides, Atlantis parents, High priestess Sumara, the Lumerian consciousness, off world beings, beings of Light and Angels are all waiting to communicate with you. They can assist you in answering your questions, to pass on information, or you can just ‘hang out’ in their presence to feel their energies. Listen to what they have to tell you. Take the information they give you to your heart chakra and see if it resonates. Meditation will also heighten your vibration, and therefore heightening your immune system. Educate yourself and educate others. We need to be of high vibration for what is coming our way.

Black Mage – the Black Mage warns us that there is a lot of deceit, greed, selfishness in the world, striving for power and control. This brings the energy levels around us down and feels very negative, which has a great impact on everyone, physically and mentally. It is therefore very important to be grounded at all times and to meditate, so your vibrations are always high, and you are impacted less by the negative energies around you. It also helps to send love out from your heart Chakra into the world to all of humanity. Love is a very strong energy and it can make the negative energy feel less intense.

The Silence – Try and do daily meditations. Make time to meditate, even if it is only 10 minutes a day, you will start to notice a difference within yourself, you may shift to a higher vibration. You need that quiet time to go deep within yourself to connect with ‘All That Is’. Go into nature, hear and feel the Silence around you. Let yourself be attuned to the high vibrations around you, within you. This is very important at this time.

Divine Essence – Divine Essence tells us that we have to go within, to find out who we truly are. To be our true Self. To be ourselves in our purest state. To find our inner truths. That all aspects of our Being resonate within our heart Chakra’s. Only if we live by who we truly are, can we live our truth and we will be at one with our Higher Self.

Positivity – When there is so much darkness and negativity around us, it is very important to stay positive. Positivity raises your vibration which is crucial in this time. Look at the small things in live that make you happy. Feel your contentment and happiness of that moment. Notice that your spirit is uplifted a little immediately. If you surround yourself with positivity, speak only in a positive way, and live from a positive outlook, you will attract good things and situations into your life. Pass this experience on to others; Imagine that everyone would practice this way of living! And what a phenomenal positive impact this would have on the world we live in….

Pools of Energy – Let us surround ourselves with the positive pools of energy. These pools of energy can cleanse and re-energise us. Visualise the pools of energy cleansing you of your negative thoughts and energies and re-energising you. Feel yourself being cleansed and re-energised. Feel how you feel afterwards. You are radiating and have lots of energy. Your vibrations are high once again. In November we have to keep our vibrations high all the time.

Twelve Chakras – It is very important that we look at our Chakra’s at least twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, cleansing them, balancing them, realigning them. In these dark times however, it is needed more than twice a day. Cleansed and balanced and realigned Chakra’s make us balanced in our lives, emotionally, mentally, physically. It heightens our vibrations and therefore also our immune system. We are less likely to feel unbalanced, unwell or get sick. It is perfectly fine to use the seven Chakras’ when you begin to educate yourself about cleansing and balancing and realigning your chakras. When you are more experienced in doing this, you can use your twelve Chakras like the Atlantis people used to.

Marriage – Marriage stands for lifelong commitment. A balance of Yin and Yang. We need to work on Self. Ground ourselves and meditate. We need to make that commitment to ourselves, to get us to function on our highest vibrational level.

The Ice Age – The Ice Age tells us to take a step back, stop and relax. We are in desperate need to work on Self. We need to prepare ourselves for what is coming next in the not so distant future. We need to be ready, all of us, and therefore we need to be at our highest vibrational level that we can be. Remember we are ONE consciousness. Individually we can create and manifest, but imagine what we could create and manifest for our world as ONE…


Finishing comments about what is before us in the month of November 2020 by Zarina
As we go into further changes in the U.K. & on the planet.
Please all reach out to everyone with love
Love will assist u all to raise your vibrations in these unprecedented times. 

Go within & go deep,  & your soul will give you true guidance to you & will give you all that you need to know on your journeys through the coming  days.
I understand many are confused & your psychical & emotional bodies are feeling very low due to the frequency of the energies that have been forced on us. 

For those of you that understand about frequency & vibration re- connect with your higher self in a re- union of one soul – your vibration will heightened.
Those that do not fully understand about frequencies & vibrations – go back to the memories of the times when you felt happy and harmonise yourselves in the happy events of your lives. 

As National lockdown is arriving, do the things that make you relaxed and happy.
This will raise your vibration. 

I am calling on the whole humanity at this time to visualise the future you would like for yourselves, children & grandchildren.
Through your visualisation & spent time with this, every day would be good to start &
We will be able create a peaceful world full of love & harmony for all humans on the planet Earth.


Native Spirit card reading for Planet Earth, December 2020
Read by Anna

Spirit of Fire – The Spirit of Fire is present in December and will spread around the world. It is important to stay close to yourself and your inner truths, as otherwise, it is easy to be overcome by fear. Fear is a very negative emotion and will attract negative energies, so it is important to find the quiet within yourself every day, relax, and find your inner strength. Find your inner truths and share them with others as that will make you stand in your power.

Sacred Mountain – The secrets of the Sacred Mountain are revealed and in the hands of World Beings and Beings of Light who will help humankind on Earth. Messages are being relayed and travel the world fast. Messages, that make humankind stand in its power. Messages that will awaken a lot more people, messages that will need to be taken to one’s heart chakra to see if they resonate with you or not. Messages that will change the outlook on the world for a lot of people. Messages, that can shift Planet Earth to a better place when acting correctly.

Shape Shifter – We need to be aware of the Shape Shifter. The Shape Shifter is out to trick us. It may represent a different being than itself and come with untrue information or messages; it is, therefore, vital that all information doing the rounds, is taken to one’s heart charka. To see if that information resonates with you. The Shape Shifter wants to confuse us, wants to control us. We need to be very awake and alert in the month of December.

Medicine Woman/Medicine Man – We are in need of a lot of healing in December, as is Mother Earth. We need to find the Medicine Woman/ Medicine Man within us for healing and to send love and healing to Mother Earth. We need to stay strong in December, we need to keep our vibrations high. We want to make sure our immune system is high. Spend time on Self, eat healthy foods. Looking after ourselves is very important in December.

Spirit Keeper of the East – The Spirit Keeper of the East is keeping an eye out for humanity and Mother Earth in these dark days full of deceit. The Spirit Keeper of the East is battling with the Spirit of Fire and the Shape Shifter to keep their actions at bay.

Great Mystery – Towards the end of December a Great Mystery will be unlocked. Humanity’s awakening and resonating truths may unlock this mystery, or it may be announced in another way. This news may be shocking at first but not completely unexpected to most…

White Buffalo – More pure energy coming to aid humanity and Mother Earth. The energies of the White Buffalo will be greatly appreciated as the energy in the world will start to feel darker and darker as the month of December creeps forward. This energy will remind us to keep on our vibrations as high as possible.

Sweat Lodge – Again time to sit down and go deep within, meditate. We need to take time for Self to cope with all that’s happening in the month of December. To cope with the negative energy, to be able to keep our vibrations as high as possible. To prepare us for what is coming.

Prayer Feather – We need to visualise a better outcome for the world and humanity. We all have to come together as ONE and create a better world for ourselves and Mother Earth. We can create a much better place. If everyone visualises a better place to live in, we can raise our collective vibrations high enough to shift out of the negative energy zone. More now than ever is it important to come together as ONE!

Atlantis card reading for Planer Earth, December 2020
Read by Anna

Nature – Coming into December it is important we spend time in Nature. To reconnect with Nature. The energy of the natural world is important to us as we are all part of ‘All That Is’. We need to reconnect with the energy of the trees, plant- and wildlife. We need to become aware of the connection we have with plants- and wildlife and realise that we have a unique bond with them. As we also have a unique bond with other human beings. How do they react to us? Do we interact with them from our heart Chakra, in the highest good for all? We need time to reflect on ourselves to see if indeed we are living our lives in the highest good of all, for if we do, good shall come to us.

Technology – In this life, we have been brought up with technology, and for most of us, technology is part of our everyday life. Technology is very advanced nowadays, and this card warns us of those kinds of technology that are NOT for our benefit, even though it may well be marketed otherwise. Technology is directly linked with power. And with power comes control. No wonder you can never really find out what is being developed until it is on the market, as it is being kept secret, out of fear for competition and therefore possible loss of power and control. When facing new technology in our lives (whether it is machinery or to do with medication and the health system), it is therefore very important that we go within our heart Chakra and see if our connection with that specific technology resonates within, or not, and makes our decisions based on what resonates from within.

Fun – The December month will get darker and darker as we move on, more restrictions will be placed on us. But however dark and small our own world may seem; it is important to have Fun. When having fun, we laugh, we are happy, consequently, our vibrations are heightened. We shine, we feel good and strong. Share your Fun with loved ones around you. Let your loved ones raise their vibrations too. Having Fun is very important in the month of December.

Divine Essence – Having Fun is part of your Divine Essence. If your Fun is real and true, then you are who you really are whilst having Fun.  We need to find our True Selves. We need to go within and find the ‘pure me’ inside ourselves. This goes hand in hand with there way we then live our lives, honest, pure, without pretension, with pure thoughts, intention, and feelings. We will become highly vibrational beings and become ONE with our Higher Self.

The Silence – To find our True Self, we need to be quiet and go deep within ourselves. Meditate. Silence is important to be able to relax and focus on Self. To be able ‘to hear’ the voices of our Guides or off-world Beings who may have messages for you. To really feel the connection with your Higher Self. To feel the amazing feeling that we are part of the ONE Consciousness. We need the Silence to raise our vibrations to a high enough level, to be able to function in these dark times. We urgently need to invite The Silence into our lives.

The Ice Age – The Ice Age recaps the cards of Divine Essence and The Silence. You need time to focus on Self, to find your True Self, purify your believes and thoughts, to connect to your Higher Self. You need time to become your True Self and to become ONE with your Higher Self. Making Time is of the essence, especially in this time frame.

Contentment – It is important to explore your gifts and talents and use them in a way that you love most. To do something that you love doing most and are talented at, makes one happy, at peace, and content. It raises your vibration and will cause a vicious circle as you will love what you are doing and good at even more so, therefore raising your vibrations even higher. High vibrations are a must in these dark times of December.

Love of Animals – The presence of Animals can work very calming and make you feel happy. No wonder that some hospitals or care homes invite a calm pet rabbit or specially assessed dog to visit their patients or care home residents to help reduce their anxiety and enhance their communication and interaction. A pet or ‘wild’ animals outside can change your day. Stay open to communicating with the animal. Give it time and closely observe the response of the animal. Often the animal will communicate a message to you that will help you.

The Temple of Poseidon – The Temple of Poseidon stands for new beginnings. When working on Self, becoming ONE with your higher Self, heightening your vibrations, and knowing your own truths, you are ready to help others with their mission. People will look to you for advice and guidance and it is now up to you to pass your knowledge onto others, to spread the word, to pass on the light work, so the World can be lifted up to higher vibration.

Closing at words by Zarina for December 2020
As we enter December many will feel weary & uncertain 
overwhelming feelings are now forming within most of us
those who understand their conflict within will know before they enter 2021 decisions will need to be made for their selves & their children.
Those who did not understand the feelings within – try to look within for all answers 
Excitement for some who are celebrating Christmas but sadness for many that is not knowing what is before them in 2021
It is time to go within and learn to be in the quiet with yourself / this exercise with time will result in feelings of peacefulness for yourselves 
By doing this exercise, your vibrations will raise to a place that is needed for you to feel at peace 
With your energies high you can now make your decisions.
More changes are coming in from the 21-12-2020
Look forward to them as they required to cleanse the Earth 
December 2020 is the time for change & understanding of self & others.

January 2021 Reading For UK & World

Read by MVA Team

Reading card:

Sweat Lodge, Gathering Your Tribe, Medicine Bag, Thunder Drum, Spirit Keeper of the South, Wounded Healer, Vision Quest, Freedom Horse, Spirit of Earth

Many people feel enslaved/cocooned with everything that is going on, many feel alone on this journey. They are on a journey but do not know what this journey holds and so are now maybe questioning life at this moment of time. They are seeking inside but do not know how to make that first step forward to inner connection.

Those of you that are questioning will be drawn to meet people on their journey, who will support you and this will bring about a new sense of understanding. For those of you that have been questioning the environment and infrastructure that is around you will be what could come into their reality. There could be an upheaval of those who have questions in their minds and hearts, that will result in themselves finding all the answers from within.

Spirits will be there for guidance and support and will come by through igniting a spec of light for many. Many peoples healing journey will begin at this point of time and self-realisation of oneself and the advancement of people may begin as many no longer want to feel this way anymore.

Confusion is around us and is felt by many and realisation of the truth will come forth by many, that is questioning human consciousness on this journey that is coming into reality as we know it whether on a material or spiritual level. They will sense a freedom within the heart chakras and the focus will be on the freedom of the new earth.

Many are feeling isolated and want to be together again. Many want social interaction and people are seeking the fast way out. There is chaos forming in many minds of the people and through this, they may find many answers and become awakened. Most humans will raise their vibrations and will come through either on a spiritual or material level and will come through in harmony of oneself.

Those who have tried to find an easy way out will realise this will not result in inner freedom. The earth has to go through this process of cleaning and healing for the whole of humanity. Through Mother Earths healing journey with humanity, this will transform and transfer.

February 2021 Reading

Read by MVA Team

There is a sense of feeling that people are still living in a dreamland state. We can see a beautiful world in our own minds, the focus of a better world is present and a better earth & place is within each one of us. Humanity wants out of this horrible present situation and humanity is dreaming of a better world to live in once again.

The earth is within its healing stage. The spirit earth is doing all they can to heal. I sense a  new Earth is there on the horizon but is yet to still be present. A number of changes/work is occurring during the night, a sheet is covering the earth. This blanket is very heavy on humanity but there is knowing that this sheet is breaking slowly.

Many people are awakening and are asking questions. A force will hit humanity and they will realise something is going on whether it be positive or negative in their reality. There could be a bigger awakening where people are told something that does not resonate with them, this will in effect cause deeper inner questioning in themselves. Humanity will question a number of things being said and will seek the truth by reaching out to others and there will be support at hand. This will result in an inner spark within humanity, a greater awareness and understanding.

Ancestors will be at hand to guide humanity through this transition period and help is at hand. All the tricks that have been played seem to be dissolving one by one and these tricks will no longer work on some parts of humanity. Humanity begins questioning this tricked reality.

The air that was once heavy is cleaning and becoming lighter for humanity. There is a lot of changes taking place and a  result humanities environment also begins to alter. Humanity will now be able to see through the fog that once blinded them, the fog that once invaded their minds. Everything begins to make a lot more sense. A sense of inner reflection now begins.

A New World

Read by Anna

I see a world. A whole new world. A world in which people live in peace and complete freedom. A world in which everyone respects each other’s values and beliefs, a world in which people respect each other’s health care choices. A world that is fair in its ruling and decision making, a world in which people look out for each other and where everyone is equal. A world without poverty, sickness and hunger. A world in which Mother Earth is respected and loved. A world in which everyone lives from their heart chakras.

Wouldn’t this be fantastic? To uplift our existing world to a whole new level? You may wonder if this is actually possible. But why wouldn’t it? There are so many people in the world, who are currently hungry and live in poverty, suppressed in their freedom and life choices, restricted in their freedom of speech, living in war or unsettled times, living in controlling systems that are unfair and unbalanced, who live under ‘top down’ regimes, are sick and don’t have proper healthcare facilities or are homeless, just to name a few categories. What if all those people, which will easily amount to most of the world’s population, would start to visualise this beautiful, new world. What would happen?

Human Beings are creators. We, ourselves, are the ones who can create and make a better world for ourselves. We can do this by visualising this new world in our minds, as our minds are powerful. This creation is coming from our Heart Chakra as the new world is created out of love. Imagine what immense power these collective visualisations out of love could have! Now, can you see that we ourselves, are the ones who can create this beautiful new world?

As people will start to visualise this beautiful new world, their vibrations from within themselves will slowly start to vibrate at a higher level. And as their vibrations will heighten, their outlook on life will be different. They may make life-changing choices as they are starting to live from within their Heart Chakra.  People will start to find their mission in life. When people do what they truly want to do in life, are meant to do in life, they become much happier people. Happiness causes vibrations to heighten even more so, causing people’s immune systems to be stronger so it will be easier to fight off diseases; there will be fewer sick people. Their Thirds Eyes will start to open up, so they will see clearly what is happening in this current world. People will want to contribute to uplifting the world to a better place. Be part of creating a beautiful new world for themselves and humanity.

If you would like to be part of our new world for humanity, please visualise a world in which people live in peace and complete freedom. A world in which everyone respects each other’s values and beliefs, a world in which people respect each other’s health care choices. A world which is fair in its ruling and decision making, a world in which people look out for each other and where everyone is equal. A world without poverty, sickness and hunger. A world in which Mother Earth is respected and loved. A world in which everyone lives from their heart chakras.

Please join me in the manifesting of this beautiful new world.

Native Spirit Card Reading for March 2021

Card reading is for Mother Earth, the UK and the World

Cards read by Anna

Actual visible changes will be happening in March, but below the surface, many discussions about changes in the UK and World are happening already. Turbulent times are ahead of us, causing much friction between people themselves and between people and governments. Some of us will feel a sense of freedom when some restrictions are lifted, but many will feel restricted even more so and will feel their liberties and freedoms have been taken away. Many will struggle throughout March and the coming months. Many offerings are and will continue to be made. The Sweat Lodge also tells us to sit tight for the time being and to go within. To go within to meditate and listen to the advice being given by the Ancestors and Guides.

This is the time to go within ourselves and visualise the outcome of a new and better world. We are the Dream Travelers, we are the creators, and by visualising a better outcome for ourselves we have started on our path to create this for ourselves. Vision Quest is confirming this also. Visualisations are very powerful, and if all of humanity, together, would visualise a new and better world, a new and better world would be in the making the moment we start visualising. We are creating the paths we walk on in life.

When going deep within we hear our Ancestors talking to us, giving us advice, leading the way to a new and better world. But we need to stand still and listen to their messages. The Ancient Forest and Grandmother Earth are working hard to help us shift the world to a higher plane, to purify the negative energies that are occupying the world at this time. The Spirit Keeper of the East is trying hard to lift the vibrations of the Earth, to lift the vibrations of Humanity, so we can walk our path to absolute Freedom.

We need many Medicine Women and Medicine Men to come forward to help heal humanity. Many of us are already very busy with this, but from March many of us will be in desperate need of individual healing for them to be able to lift their vibrations and shift to a better place. Many will be in the need of healing to help them to realign their chakras that have been disturbed and brought out of balance by the events of the last year. Many will need help by healing loss and the offerings they have had to make.  Many of us have had physical and mental unbalances in the last 11 months and are desperate to overcome these. Many will seek help in becoming whole, so they can lift their vibrations and uplift to a better place.

I have picked 3 cards just from my Gaia Oracle deck to round off and conclude this reading.

(A Hidden Gift, Attachment and Liberation)

For us to lift our vibrations and shift into a better timeline or uplift, we need to let go of our Attachments in this world. To let go of our restrictions. To let go of our fear. This may bring sadness as we are saying goodbye to all that is known to us. Endings often bring sadness, and this is completely normal. But know, that beyond Endings lie New Beginnings. And with New Beginnings comes Liberation as we have broken free from negative attachments. Liberation allows us to heighten our vibrations and enables us to shift to a better place.