“I believe that the only true religion consists of having a good heart – Dalai Lama”

September 2020

My religion is, to live through Love. In every religion there is love, yet love has no religion. Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, or Zen – Rumi

Religion is something both constructive and destructive, it can serve as a path forward as give deeper meaning to life. It can uplift and fulfil and nourish us within, it can explain the struggles, losses and suffering. Yet religion can also serve to destruct and divide, we only need to look at our history to see when wars were justified in the name of religion and of God. No more was this apparent than when the alternative healers, witches and herbalists were targeted and burned for their practices which went against the mainstream religion at the time. We also the Islamic Sufis persecuted for their mystic beliefs which goes against the mainstream Islamic religion.

Persecution and suffering based on religion alone has been written into our history, as a tool to conquer and divide humanity. This is present even today. We have the rising new age spirituality which has also caused divisions within the group. We have different castes, and different temples and hierarchies even within the same religion, often connected to economic and financial status. We have ancient religions such as Tibetan Buddhism being wiped out by the Chinese military and government. Wherever you see division based on beliefs and religion, humanity has lost its way.

When we rise above the divisions, the labels and see that we are humans here on this Earth at this time, whether we believe in life after death, or Spirit or God or any other term we may use, we are still here as one consciousness at this time. It is so easy to become attached to the “cause” and defending our beliefs that we forget the bigger picture, we forget why we are here.

One of the things that all religions would agree on is love. Giving, receiving, sharing and receiving love. Living from our hearts, being non judgmental, protecting those that are vulnerable, taking care of the planet and nature, these all religions would advocate in their own way. So why don’t we take the unified approach, why don’t we listen and connect with each other from our heart centres and on a soul level, maybe then we’ll see that everyone is on their path and exactly where they’re meant to be at this time.

Humanity is weakened the more we are divided by labels of religion, race, creed, class, gender and so much more. We have an infinite number of labels we can identify with, but wouldn’t it be simpler to just come from a place of love? Barriers and defences would drop, and people would start talking to each other instead of fighting one another. People would also be able to see through the false truths, both in old religions and new age spirituality. Rather than finding a guru they would worship themselves rather than another.

We are the gods, the goddesses, the creators of our lives and destiny. Let us honour our souls and the light within each of us. Namaste.