Since the outbreak of CV19, pharmaceutical companies and research centres have been very busy developing a vaccine for this virus.

The vaccine that everyone is raving about is the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. This coronavirus vaccine is made by artificially creating the mRNA code from CV19, giving it a fatty protective coating, and injecting it into the body. This artificial mRNA tricks cells into pumping out solitary coronavirus proteins, which can not assemble into a harmful virus. If a patient encounters the coronavirus, their T-cells and antibodies are already primed to fight it off. The immune system detects these viral proteins and produces a defensive response.


Till now, medicines or vaccines containing mRNA have not been allowed. To quote Dr. Charlie Weller, head of the vaccines programme at Welcome: “the mRNA vaccine technology is new…we have a much less well-trodden path, which means potential unknowns and potential delay…”.
The distribution of the vaccines will also be a challenge. The BioNTech- Pfizer must be kept “deep-frozen” in special suitcases for 10 days at -70C to remain stable. Their precise location and temperature will be tracked through GPS remotely. Once the vaccine is removed, it can be kept in a normal fridge between 2C and 8C but only for 5 days. Per person, two vaccinations are necessary, three weeks apart from each other.

The plan is to vaccinate Band 1, the elderly and staff in nursing homes, the elderly over 80, and health and social care workers, by December 2020. Band 2 is expected to take a further five months, rolling out vaccinations by going down by age groups from 80 to 50+ adults and those who are at high risk, before coming to Band 3 comprising of the rest of the population.


Since the trial times of the vaccine have been much shorter than normal, no one has any idea what the long term effects of this vaccine may be. Researchers also still have no idea how long the Immunity of this vaccine will last for or if yearly booster vaccines will be necessary. And if it is possible for biological mRNA to mutate, is it then also possible for an artificially synthesised mRNA to mutate, it then coding for an entirely different protein? And keeping the vaccine at a temperature of -70C for 10 days? Topping it up with dry ice? And then storage in the fridge for 5 days between a temperature of 2C – 8C? A lot can go wrong there too if you ask me…and what would the consequences be on the occasion that those vaccines were still to be used?


All the news you hear about the CV19 vaccine is that is going to be a mass vaccination. There are already headlines and rumors about a CV19 vaccination passport as that could mean safe travel to holiday destinations. But what about the people who don’t want to get vaccinated? Who never have opted for a flu jab? Do we then not get to go on holiday destinations abroad? Humans, as sovereign beings, have a right to decide if they want to get vaccinated or not. Then why don’t we hear anything about this on the news?
If all the world governments, and this is a global issue(!), have plans to mass vaccinate, then where does that leave those people who opt-out to have a CV19 vaccine injection? I hope that it has crossed your mind already… It may well be possible, that in the near future, we may not be allowed to enter the shops, as the ones who have had a CV vaccine may be carrying a badge or wristband to say they have been vaccinated and are therefore ‘safe’ to